KelKsoftware Persian OCR - Farsi OCR

هرکو نکند فهمی زین کلک خیال انگیز
نقشش به حرام ارخود صورتگر چین باشد
What is KelK?
KelK, our Farsi OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solution, addresses 
the needs of  anyone who is in need of  an efficient and reliable  means of 
transcribing printed  Persian text  to  an electronic  format. Our Farsi OCR 
software  allows for users  to easily  transfer hardback copies of  literature 
written in Persian to  digital text in   ASCII format. This  will  allow  users to
efficiently  copy  and  edit  Persian text  via  any  word  processors on their 
computers rather than by hand. 
Why KelK?

KelK’s potential applicability falls in a very broad range. Our Farsi OCR may be used in digital libraries to create digital books from the hard copies quickly and inexpensively. Both individuals and other organizations can benefit from KelK in variety of capacities. KelK is also considered as a bridge technology solution. In other words, it might be part of the entire implementation of another software program. For instance, a Persian auto-reader for blinds must include a Farsi OCR to convert it to digital text.

What does KelK mean?

KelK literally means quill or feather pen in Farsi (Persian).

What is in KelK 1.0? 

KelK 1.0 was successfully completed in December 2006. This Farsi OCR is now capable of converting texts written in the most popular font used in Persian websites, Tahoma, with over 90% accuracy.

Snapshots of KelK 1.0 are available

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